Blooming Granny Square Pattern

I designed this Blooming Granny Square on a recent road trip.  As I was looking for signs of an early spring, these charming flowers appeared in my hands.
I'm sharing this Blooming Granny Square Pattern. They whip up quickly. Make a bouquet for someone you love.

These Blooming Granny Squares are made of a medium weight cotton yarn, called ‘Love this Cotton’  from Hobby Lobby and it’s  my new favorite.  (I think we’re going steady!) But of course, you could use any other medium weight yarn that you have on hand.

The pattern I’m sharing with you is perfect for stash-busting and those charming little odds-n-ends of yarn you have laying about.  Each square takes just a few yards each.

 I used five colors as my example in the pattern, you could pare it down to one or take it up to six.  The one below is a combo of four colors:

I'm sharing this Blooming Granny Square Pattern. They whip up quickly. Make a bouquet for someone you love.

I used a Boye G hook (4.25 mm) to get a six inch square, but you should use whatever size hook it takes to get a six inch square.  Alternatively, just use your most comfortable hook in the F-I range and keep the square size consistent.

 Size consistency and comfort are more important than the number or letter on your hook when blanket making. (Imnsho 😉 )  Here is a chart for the needed number of squares for afghan projects.

I'm sharing this Blooming Granny Square Pattern. They whip up quickly. Make a bouquet for someone you love.The finished squares could be whip-stitched together with a yarn needle, or you could choose from several ways to finish it, keeping in mind that most of them will add 1/2-1″ border to each square.  (See the round-up of joining granny squares at Baking Outside the Box.)

This granny square is pretty basic so I threw in the popcorn stitch for the flower petals to spice it up a bit and directions for the popcorn stitch are included in the pattern.  If you’ve never made a popcorn stitch here is a short video to show you how:

In the premium version of the pattern I’ve included pictures to show how each round is formed.  As always I’ve done my very best to write clear and accurate instructions.

Your comments (and corrections) are welcome. If you’d like me to make a Crochet along video of this pattern or others at Crochetalot, please leave your request in the comments below.

 The premium pattern with more detailed instructions, helpful round by round photos, larger print and no ads can be purchased in my Etsy shop.  The free version of the pattern is below.

 Happy Crocheting! — Laura

Blooming Granny Square

Copyright 2017 Laura Hickman

Materials Needed

 4 ply cotton yarn (Love this Cotton) (up to) 5 colors (A, B, C, D, E)

4.25 mm (G) hook – or whatever size hook is needed for a finished 6” square

Specialty stitch Instructions:

Long Double Crochet

This is a regular double crochet stitch that is allowed to be longer so as to not scrunch the work, but allow it to maintain a stitch that is level and smooth with the top of the work on the row or round it is in.

Popcorn stitch

  • Work 5 double crochet (dc) stitches in the same stitch.
  • Drop the loop from your hook.
  • Insert your hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the first double crochet of the group.
  • Grab the dropped loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch.

Pattern Notes

  • This pattern is in U.S. Terms
  • Level: Beginner
  • Chain sts are used as the first stitch in a round representing a sc, hdc or dc as called for in the instructions.
  • The color scheme is optional, using 5 colors. They are described as colors A-E in the instructions.
  • Optionally, the block can be increased in size after round 6 by making a cluster of dc 3 in each space between clusters on the sides and making corners by dc 3, ch 2 and dc 3.


Round 1: (Flower center) Using color A: Make a magic ring and ch up 3 (represents first dc), and dc 11 more times in magic ring. Slip to top of ch 3. Pull up magic ring snugly. Finish off.

Round 2: (Petals) Change to color B. Slip to join between any two of the stitches in round 1.Ch up 3 (counts as first dc), continue making popcorn stitch as described under specialty stitch section above, and then ch 2.Continue making 11 more pc stitches and ch 2 around.  After 12th pc and ch 2, slip to join to back of first pc. (12 petals.) Finish off.

Round 3: (Leaf round) Change color to C.  Slip to join to around any ch 2 and ch up 3, dc 2,(cluster made) and ch 1. Continue around making 3 dc clusters and ch 1 around each ch 2. Slip to top of ch 3. Finish off.

Round 4: (Square frame) Change to color D. Slip to join around any ch 1 space and ch up 2 (represents first hdc), continuing in ch1 sp make 1 hdc, 1 dc, ch 1. *Skip cluster (3) and in ch 1 sp  make the corner:  tr 2, ch 2, tr 2, ch 1. Skip cluster (3) and in next ch 1 sp, dc 1, 2 hdc. Skip cluster (3) and around ch 1 sp make 2 hdc, 1 dc and ch 1. Repeat from * 2 more times. Slip to first hdc. Finish off.


Round 5: (Square) Change to color E.  Slip to join in any ch 2 corner space. Ch up 3,  dc 2, ch 2, dc 3, corner made. *Sk 2 to and make 3 dc around ch 1 sp. Sk 3  and around ch 2  make 2 dc, and make 2 long dc into center stitch of cluster below in round 3, then make 2 more sc around ch 2. Sk 3, dc 3 around ch 1 sp. Make corner: sk 2 and around ch 2 space;  dc 3, ch 2, dc3. Repeat from * two more times. Slip to top of first ch 3 at beginning of round.  Finish off.

Round 6: (Final Square) Slip to join around ch 2 corner sp and ch up 3 (dc made), make 2 more dc, ch 2, 3 dc. (Corner made.) *Skip 3 (cluster) to space between clusters and dc 3. Skip 3 and make 3 hdc in top (see close-up of ‘B’ above) of the 2nd long dc. Skip 2 to space between clusters and dc 3. Skip to ch 2 at corner and make 3 dc, ch 2, dc 3 (corner made). Repeat from * 2 more times. Finish off and weave in tails. (Square complete.)

PS: I hope you enjoy making these granny squares as much as I did designing them.  🙂 – L


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