Easy Crochet Cowl Scarf

 The design for the Easy Crochet Cowl Scarf was created with warmth, convenience and easy-to-make in mind.  Plus a bit of style.

The Easy Crochet Cowl Scarf is designed to whip up quickly with a bit of style. Beginners and experienced crocheters will enjoy making this for themselves or as a gift. #crochetalot #freecrochetpattern #crochetscarf #crochetcowl

This cowl scarf can be pulled up on your head like a hood if you get caught out in the weather without a hat.  It drapes nicely around the neck at a generous 15″ L x 40″ W.

The free version of the pattern is at the bottom of the article  (Please visit my Etsy shop if you’d like the deluxe version of this pattern. )

This piece is made in rows instead of rounds.  While I know all the tricks to keep rounds tidy, rows make it easier for a less experienced crochet artist. This also allowed me to create the ‘faux placket’ at the seam for a bit of stylish interest.

The pattern calls for an easy-to-handle H size hook (5 mm). Delightfully, it whips up quickly and easily in just 30 rows. Rows also made it easier to control the color.

The repeating V-stitch makes a nice texture in the cloth.  But don’t worry if you’re a Newbie. It’s super simple to do.  If you are an experienced crocheter you are going to love the blissful feel of yarn sliding through your fingers in a repetitive pattern.

I used Bernat Pop yarn (Blue Blaze)  for this cowl scarf which has a lovely variegation. It can also be made up with a single color in any 4 ply yarn and still look lovely.  The Bernat Pop has a nice loft and is soft and quite warming to the touch. This was my first experience using it in a project. See it here.

It came together so quickly.   It took an afternoon and part of an evening to complete. In total it took about 6 hours. – And that included sewing on the buttons.

The only challenge for a beginner might be learning the front and back post double crochet technique  to make the ribbing for the placket.  Trust me when I tell you that this is one of those things that is easier than it looks.

It’s a simple technique and once you’ve learned it you’ll know how to make a type of crochet ribbing that will look lovely on many wear-able items you’ll make. A brief video is below so you can practice a bit or simply brush up on this ribbing technique.

The free version of the pattern is below.  Happy Crocheting! – Laura

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Etsy Downloadable premium version of the

Easy Crochet Cowl Scarf

Easy crochet cowl Scarf

by Laura Hickman Copyright 2017 

Skill Level: Easy

Materials needed:

10 ounces 4 ply (size 4) yarn (2 skeins of Bernat pop were used in the example.)

4 /  1-5/8″  buttons

Size H hook (5mm)

Needle and thread (to sew on buttons)


All instructions are given in U.S. terms.

Completed piece is 40” wide by 15” in length before seaming.

Gauge: a 4” x 4” swatch is 12 sc by 12 rows. Check your gauge before beginning to determine if you need to use a larger or smaller hook.

Stitches and terms:

Chain – ch

Double crochet – dc

Front post double crochet – fpdc

Back post double crochet – bpdc

Post – the body of the stitch



Row 1: (Foundation row) ch 110, turn and dc in 5th chain from hook (not counting loop on hook.) *skip 1, 2 dc in next chain. Repeat from * across and dc 1 in last chain and turn. (This row will be about 40” wide.  (This row is the right-side of the work.)

Row 2: Ch 3 (as first dc), dc 2 between each of the two double crochets in previous row. (This creates a V-type stitch.) Dc 1 in last stitch and then turn.  

Repeat row 2 until 15 inches in length. (About 30 Rows total). Finish off. Weave in tails and trim excess.

To make the seam: Fold work in half with right-side out matching the row edges together. (Seam is made on the outside.)  Dc 2 around the posts of the last stitch of each row going down the length of the work, being certain to make stitches so that they wrap around the posts of both sides of the work to make the seam.  Turn work. (This seam is the base row to make the faux placket.)

Ribbed Faux Placket

Ribbing row: chain 3, *fpdc 1, bpdc 1.  Repeat from * to the end of the row, turn work.

Repeat ribbing row five more times.  Finish off. Weave in tails and trim excess.

Fold ribbing smoothly to the right and sew on 4 buttons that are 1 and 5/8” in size.

Cowl scarf is complete.

As always, I strive for accuracy and clarity in my pattern instructions.  If you feel there is an error or just have a question please contact me. – Laura Hickman



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